Which sentence resonates better with you?

“Our operation is broke and the business can’t keep up” or “thankfully, our business is doing so well that it’s pushed the limits of what our operation can handle”

Both of these statements say the same thing, which is that the business is doing so well that the processes of old must be revisited to scale. The difference is all in the framing and delivery of how these sentences are delivered.

How about these sentences?

“This rain is awful and I’m tired of getting soaked” or “while I know we’re tired of getting rained…

Two years ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a massive panic attack. I woke my wife up and told her I was done with work and that I couldn’t do it anymore. The stress and the pressure of building a national sales team at lightning speed had finally gotten to me, and we were still less than a year in. At that moment, it was over for me. I couldn’t shake the cold sweats that I was feeling and the pressure was too strong. I wanted all of the weight that my shoulders were carrying…

Over 1,000 interviews later, I can help….

Over the course of my almost 13 years in people leadership, I’ve had the privilege to hire for multiple roles on my own team. I’ve also had the chance to conduct interviews on behalf of my peers who are seeking a new employee. In addition to this, I’ve spent countless hours mentoring individuals who are seeking a career change or new role.

All of these experiences and conversations with people at a pivotal point in their career search have given me some important insight on how to help you not completely fail the interview process. …

Stop waiting. Start doing.

As a leader I have heard the grumblings for years. Individual contributors, people managers, and employees with years of experience in various fields all feel the same way. They want someone to tell them what to do to get promoted. Unfortunately, there is not a perfect blueprint for how to grow and develop your career. If it were that simple, there would be a manual written that everyone could follow with perfect steps on the ladder chain.

“Your career is a jungle gym,” once said the former CEO of my company, referring to the fact that there is not a…

In an early November 2019 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks kicker Jason Myers missed an extra point and two field goals. During the game, Twitter blew up calling for the Seahawks to release Myers even though the Hawks went on to win in Overtime with a score of 40–34. Hawks fans grew concerned that this team, destined for the playoffs would need a reliable kicker in games down the stretch. Post game, Head Coach Pete Carroll told the press, “our kicker, Jason Myers, he’s our kicker, it didn’t go right for him today but it’s going to.”…

The pandemic doesn’t need to define your journey

Starting next month, millions of college students will graduate to enter the workforce. The question is, what kind of a workforce are they going to enter? With unemployment numbers at record levels and continually soaring, our college students and soon to be young professionals are facing their most challenging period of time with both hands tied behind their backs. This transition into the working world will be faced with higher competition for roles and less overall openings.

In a normal environment, college students face an uphill battle in their final years prior…

“I met someone, they weren’t who I thought they were, yada yada yada, it was best that we separated.”

We’ve all either heard this story from our friends or we’ve told it. Finding that sole person on this earth is hard. The one person who is a match for our personalities, our needs, our wants, our desires, and the person who just “gets it” and “gets us.” Many folks search their entire life and never find the right one and others land their soulmate without ever having to look past their best friend from elementary school. …

How do you plan to convince your teams that they have to work in an office after what will be months of working from home successfully?

Prior to COVID-19, employees have long made the argument that we live in a digital age and we have the tools to allow them to work from home more often. The corporate office was built on the idea that bringing people together was essential to the success of the organization. Over the last fifteen years we’ve seen the open office space thrive in tech companies allowing people to openly share ideas and collaborate.


“the tribe has spoken”

Image property of CBS Television, Host Jeff Probst

Survivor is MTV’s The Real World for professionals hosted in a remote location. The concept is almost identical except they’re adults and they’re in the middle of nowhere. The show is exactly like the title states, your job is to survive. You must form alliances, build trust, work together, solve challenges, and ultimately stay in the game. It’s survived 37 seasons on broadcast television because an audience of people are fascinated with the concept of the relationships, the drama and the insanity that hungry people will go through to win a million dollars.

While the show has dramatic moments and…

“make sure you have the right people driving the bus”

Image Credit 20th Century Studios

Imagine a time where Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock were upcoming stars. The year was 1994 and their breakout roles came in the movie Speed which banked $350M at the box office. The movie kept viewers on the edge of their seat for two hours with a plot that included a terrorist and a $3.7M ransom.

Scott Bond

Scott Bond has 12+ years of experience leading sales & customer service teams for media and tech companies. Learn more at www.linkedin.com/in/scottbondseattle

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