Why COVID-19 Will Forever Change The Corporate Office Structure

Teams are proving that work from home is sustainable

Sure, it’s only been about a month for some companies but so far it appears that corporate America can handle it. Many companies were thrust into the WFH status with little to no warning, which gave us no opportunity to over think the analytics of the program. Prior to the mandate, companies would have given extra care and attention to what the structure of it all meant.

HR issues will be cut by more than half

WFH has an added benefit that I wasn’t even thinking of when it all started. The reality is that when humans occupy space together, there tends to be conflict in even the most amazing of cultures. WFH removes the potential for human conflict when our engagement is via video screens and Google docs.

Added office expenses can be reduced

Tech companies have become famously known for their love of snacks and food in the office. It’s a perk for many companies that the employee base has come to love. On average, tech companies spend anywhere from $5–9 a day per head for snacks and beverages. While these expenses are viewed as a recruitment and retention tool in addition to a culture and morale perk, they are still an expense.

While WFH is a nice perk for employees right now, there is no doubting the obstacles that it still creates in the long term. Team culture and overall adoration for the brand are built when people cohabitate in an office space together.

This unprecedented period of time is allowing us to understand the boundaries of WFH and the appreciation for the office space. I struggle to see corporate America go back to a model that mandates the office as the only vehicle for accomplishing work. We will be forever changed by this period of time as a result; and that isn’t a bad thing.



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Scott Bond

Scott Bond

Scott Bond has 14+ years of experience leading sales & customer service teams for media and tech companies. Learn more at www.linkedin.com/in/scottbondseattle